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Do I need to see a surgeon about my shoulder pain?

Take our two minute questionnaire below to see if we'd advise a consultation.

Question 1

Do you have pain that you think is coming from your shoulder or elbow?

Question 2

Have you seen a physiotherapist?

You can still find out more about shoulder and elbow conditions by browsing the UK Shoulder Clinic website. Scroll down for more information.

Question 3

Have you had 4 or more sessions of physiotherapy with no signs of improvement?

A quick and accurate diagnosis by the UK Shoulder Clinic can get you the right treatment. Following an assessment with Specialist Orthopaedic Consultant Mr Wijeratna we can arrange appropriate scans if necessary or you can be directed to a recommended shoulder and elbow physiotherapist if that is the right path for you.

Question 4

Will you need surgery?

We would recommend a consultation based on your answers so far, however, seeing a surgeon does not mean you will definitely have surgery. Choosing the right treatment at the right time is vital to success and Mr Wijeratna has successfully treated thousands of patients who have not needed surgery. Once we've correctly diagnosed the reason for your pain with a clinical examination we will arrange for scans if necessary.

You will of course receive appropriate treatment at the UK Shoulder Clinic and be referred to a recommended shoulder and elbow physiotherapist to continue your care if this is the route we recommend. Surgery is recommended for some causes of pain but all options for your condition will be discussed.

If you are making improvements with your physiotherapy, stick with it. If you reach a point where you are not progressing and you would like a second opinion, get in touch with the UK Shoulder Clinic where Mr Wijeratna will assess your problem and direct your care appropriately.

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Why choose the UK Shoulder Clinic?

Mr Malin Wijeratna
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
BSc (Hons) MBBS FRCS (Tr&Orth)

Mr Malin Wijeratna

Mr Malin Wijeratna was appointed as an Orthopaedic Consultant in 2014 and specialises in shoulder and elbow surgery in the NHS at Northampton General Hospital and private sectors in Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. He is available to see patients with a GP referral through the NHS, or by self-referral through the private sector.

Mr Wijeratna is a highly experienced and skilled surgeon having undergone extensive specialist training and having treated thousands of patients.

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