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Why Choose Private Care?

Mr Wijeratna is very proud to be working for our National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is world famous for delivering high-quality care to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. However, this means that Mr Wijeratna’s NHS clinics are very full and patients can wait months to see him, and if they need an operation they can wait many more months again. Needing investigations such as MRI or CT scans can further delay the decision on how to treat your problem.

There are many reasons to go for private care. Your private insurance can be used or you can self-fund your private care. In the private hospitals we work in, there are many packages available for your full treatment, including surgery if required.


Avoid NHS queues

You can book an appointment with The UK Shoulder Clinic in any one of the listed locations across Nottingham or Northampton within a week. You can further avoid delays by getting the necessary investigations such as X-Rays (on the same day) and specialist scans within a week or two. This enables you to be seen and treated at your convenience in a very quick and efficient manner.


Choose your consultant

The appointment booking system in the NHS makes it difficult to see a specific consultant in an NHS hospital. You may also be seen by a trainee and not by the consultant. Every time you visit the UK Shoulder Clinic, you will be seen by Mr Wijeratna, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Personalised care

In typical NHS orthopaedic clinics, running late and insufficient time per patient is sadly a common scenario. In our private clinic, you have enough time to tell Mr Wijeratna about your symptoms in detail so that he gets to know YOU and YOUR needs and how best to meet them.


How to book

The other great advantage of visiting the UK Shoulder Clinic is that you do not have to see a GP and wait for their referral. You can simply book your consultation now and get the treatment you need quickly. If you are privately insured, you will need to contact your insurance company first for pre-authorisation instructions.


Why self-pay?

Private insurance isn’t the only way to access private healthcare. You can self-pay to see a specialist. This can reduce your waiting time to access the help that you need.

We also offer NHS treatments in the Private Sector. This means that if you are not able to fund all of your investigations or treatments yourself, they can still be done under the NHS. You would still need to pay for your initial consultation, but your waiting times and access to treatment could be quicker. This option is available to patients at all of the independent hospitals that we work in.

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